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Visibility over your security posture

dashboard provides fullvisibility over in-context Semgrep results with a single-pane-of-glass view.Measure your DevSecOps performance across AppSec-CI/CD/Cloud-DAST.

Snyk is still in the process of integrating home-grown and acquired products.

Scalability and future-proofing

orchestrates best-in-class OSSand cloud native security tools (like Semgrep) so you can scale your SASTprogram as your organization grows. JIT supports any AppSec scanner, includingSnyk code.

Snyk’s solution is limited to investing in buying or building tools.

Speed of onboarding

 + Semgrep developer-firstapproach makes it ridiculously easy to automate application security and adoptthe Continuous Security mindset. Catch vulnerabilities earlier without hinderingvelocity.  

Snyk takes developers out of the context of their native environment, whichcan overwhelm their workload.


Risk factors

runs all AppSec scanners(including Semgrep SAST for Javascript, Typescript, Java, and Scala) in ourGitHub environment, which reduces risk.

Snyk puts source code at risk by uploading it to their cloud.

Automate security scanning with JIT + Semgrep

In-PR remediations

High accuracy and efficiency, lownoise

Zero friction, dev-friendlyexperience

Full visibility with asingle-pane-of-glass centralized view

Together, JIT + Semgrep enabledevelopers to identify a wide scope of vulnerabilities, bugs, and code qualityissues at speed and scale.


Jit- Product security- Integrations
Jit- Product security- Integrations
Jit- Product security

Your custom tool
pending curation

Developer environment: Keep your developers working inline in their native environment and workflows: GitHub & Slack

Security tools: We curated and integrated the best security tools for your MVS plans. so you don't have to do it: Bandit, etc.

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