Jit announces availability in the Google Cloud Marketplace

The Jit team is excited to announce the inclusion of our platform in the Google Cloud Marketplace.

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By David Melamed

Updated February 28, 2024.

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We have supported Google Cloud since our early days and are now happy to be able to simplify the purchase of Jit for GCP users that want to take advantage of their committed spend and credits. With the excellent out-of-the-box controls KICS for IaC security scanning and Prowler for runtime, Google Cloud gains robust security coverage that can be leveraged directly via Jit.

As a modern and pluggable DevSecOps platform, Jit has been working to extend and expand our out-of-the-box support for a wide range of best-of-breed open-source and commercial tools, including KICS and Prowler. This means that companies with multi-cloud operations can now leverage Jit for both AWS and Google Cloud, plugging into the platforms through each respective community while realizing the benefits of Jit’s consolidation of security alerting and prioritization.

As Jit continues to add cloud and infrastructure support, we also continue to add a diversity of controls to support the full product stack. Most recently, we announced new support for additional commercial and open-source security tooling, including Trufflehog, alongside GitHub security through Chain-bench and Legitify. We intend to continue deepening and widening our coverage for Google Cloud and are looking for GCP users to share which features they’d like to see next.

To support GCP and multi-cloud teams, Jit is the only developer security solution that provides vulnerability detection and remediation guidance entirely within the toolsets developers use to deliver code. Security scanning is automatically invoked at different stages of the SDLC, and vulnerabilities only surface if they are relevant to the security plan and the current code change — ensuring developers are never overwhelmed by long lists of irrelevant vulnerabilities.

You can find Jit live in the Google Marketplace, so be sure to check us out and get started with integrating our complete application and cloud security toolchain into your SDLC within a matter of minutes.