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How Jit works

Learn about Jit’s coverage, onboarding, the developer UX, scanning results, monitoring and reporting capabilities, orchestration, and more.

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Wide security and integration coverage

SAST, SCA, SBOM, secrets detection, Github misconfig scanning, CSPM, IaC scanning, DAST

Java, Javascript, TypeScript, Go, Rust, Python, Scala, C#, C, C++, Ruby, PHP, Kotlin, and Swift

GitHub (GitLab / Bitbucket on roadmap), AWS, GCP, Azure, VS Code, Jira, Kubernetes, Slack, and Shortcut.

Injections, Buffer Overflows, Broken Access Controls, rest of OWASP Top 10, CVEs in the NVD,  cloud misconfigurations, CI/CD misconfigurations, and many more.

Implement a tailored security toolchain into your developer environment

Onboard Jit across repos in minutes without any per-repo configuration.

Activate a Security Plan, which integrates out-of-the-box security toolchains, CI/CD integrations, and monitoring across your repos.

Activating a Security Plan initiates scans for all connected repos, and implements continuous scanning as new PRs are created in each repo.

Automatically detect security issues before production

Jit automatically invokes security tools (defined in your Security Plan) as new PRs and deployments are created.

Change-based scanning provides immediate security feedback for each PR, so developers aren't overwhelmed with vulnerabilities

Code security scans run on GitHub Actions 
without pulling code to the cloud.

Remediate security issues quickly while minimizing false positives

Jit provides security guidance and auto remediation for common vulnerabilities within the PR or IDE.

Developers can choose to make Jit’s suggested fix, make their own fix, ignore false positives, or accept the risk of a vulnerability.

Context Engine verifies whether vulnerabilities are exposed and exploitable in production using ML, which significantly reduces false positives.

Monitoring and gamification to track the security posture of each team

Every team leader gets a dashboard for their team to identify gaps, measure MTTR, vulnerability exposure windows, and more.

Motivate developers to secure their code with a leaderboard that scores teams based on unresolved vulnerabilities.

Track the progress of your security plan as the associated security controls are implemented and vulnerabilities are solved.

Add any app or cloud security tool to Jit’s extensible orchestration framework

Plug your preferred security tools into Jit’s extensible  framework to unify the execution and UX of any security tool, enabling a more consistent DevSecOps experience.

Jit supports open source, cloud native, and commercial tools, or even your own in-house tool.

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