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The easiest way to secure your code and cloud

In minutes, implement a tailored app and cloud security toolchain that empowers developers to deliver secure code faster. Way faster.

“With Jit, we no longer need to understand and manage a lot of disparate tools––and this is huge! Getting it all in one console is a game changer”

״Having Jit scan each PR and enforce branch protection, covers a lot of the SOC2 requirements. Without Jit, our last SOC2 Type 2 audit would have been significantly more difficult״

Dudu Yosef

Director of Security at LinearB

״Jit provides continuous security by enabling my team to find and fix vulnerabilities in-PRs without slowing them down or expecting them to be security experts״

Jeff Haynie

CTO at ShopMonkey

״The onboarding to Jit was seamless––all I had to do was give the required permissions, and we immediately had full security coverage. It was the easiest system I have onboarded to, everything just happened automagically״

Bar Maoist

DevOps Lead JunoJourney

״It feels like I have a small team of security engineers who are doing the work for me, automatically––just by having this platform״

Joshua Willis

Director of Cybersecurity and IT at HouseRX

״It’s like Jit is made for dummies (in a good way!). You don’t need to maintain it, nor configure it all the time and have to control the controls. That’s really convenient - and the people are just amazing - that’s a bonus״

Max Gorelik

CTO and Co-Founder at Loud n Clear

Full Security Coverage in Minutes

Security Plans orchestrate out-of-the-box toolchains for code and cloud security, which can be integrated with your repos in just a few clicks. Most users start with a basic plan, and gradually add more coverage.

Find the best Security Plan for you

Iterative scanning within the PR makes Jit easy to adopt for developers

Fast and automated scanning within GitHub make security checks feel like quality checks, so developers can easily incorporate Jit into their day-to-day.

Jit only scans newly introduced code so developers can focus on vulnerabilities relevant to their change.

Remediation guidance and code fixes for common vulnerabilities are presented entirely within the PR or IDE.

Jit’s Context Engine determines whether a vulnerability is actually exploitable in production — preventing alert fatigue and long backlogs of irrelevant vulnerabilities.

Gamified security tracking per team

Every team can monitor their security score, which is based on open vulnerabilities in their repos.

Track the progress of your security plan. For example, watch your SOC 2 plan approach 100% completion as Jit implements the required controls.

For each team, measure security performance metrics like MTTR, vulnerabilities in production, and others.

Each team lead gets a detailed view into their team’s performance and open vulnerabilities at the PR level.

Gamify security tracking by team.

Leverage an open and extensible orchestration framework

Easily plug any tool into Jit’s extensible orchestration framework to unify the execution and interface of any security tool, enabling a more consistent DevSecOps experience.

As security, compliance, and business requirements change, Jit’s open framework ensures a simple migration to any app or cloud security tool.

Leverage an open and extensible orchestration framework.

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