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Minimal Viable Security for Developers

A lean security platform empowering developers to own security for the product they are building from day zero

Leading the MVS Revolution

Jit is turning Minimum Viable Security into automated planning, orchestration and implementation  that integrates directly into your Github projects.
[Include MVS] as code into your pipeline Just In Time, with zero effort and minimal noise.

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We makes it super simple to implement a security plan with codified knowledge, and orchestrate the right security processes and tools across the Create / Build / Deploy /  Run workflows - Yes, dev heaven...
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About Us

Helping developers build secure cloud apps by design

Empowering developers today

To MVS... and beyond!

We are developers who want to make the world a better place by ensuring that apps are secured by design, without compromising on agility.  R&D must own security from day zero, but first, there's a need to sort the current jungle of processes and tools. 
Our Minimum Viable Security (MVS) solution is  defining the baseline security requirements for applications, and is automatically implementing them continuously.

Continuous security integrated in the development pipeline

Owning risks and security by the R&D is the only upcoming road, but velocity can’t be compromised. 
We are building Jit to smoothly allow Dev organizations to adopt the MVS mindset and progress easily in a just-in time manner. Think about turning dev owned security into a super simple and highly concise experience that is fully automated, easy and effortless.

Why now?

It Is Time for Dev to feel comfortable about owning Security

We’ve reached a tipping point. The traditional outside-in approach has hit a wall, and developers don’t have an easy access to the knowledge and tooling needed to secure the 2 Billion apps they are building. The noise is too loud. Ignoring security for any period, is no longer an option. It's time for developers to own risk & compliance for the apps they are building, at the speed of code and across ALL aspects of creating, building, deploying and running applications in the cloud.
No one can read through numerous checklists and create just the right plan. Let alone to constantly update it, onboard endless tools and pay attention only to the “right” alerts. If we are to adopt MVS, it must be automated, hassle free, transparent and quite. 

Our Company

Our Leadership team

We've built hyper scale cloud companies, security platforms and amazing development teams. Now we're on a mission to build a platform that enables others to do the same.
Aviram Shmueli

Aviram Shmueli

CPO and Co-Founder
David Melamed

David Melamed, PhD

CTO and Co-Founder
Tsahy Shapsa

Tsahy Shapsa

Co-CEO and Co-Founder
Ron Zalkind

Ron Zalkind

Co-CEO and Co-Founder
Gil Zimmermann

Gil Zimmermann

Director and Co-Founder
Daniel Koch

Daniel Koch

VP Engineering
May Erel Cohen

May Erel Cohen


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Why Join Us?

We want to build the developer organization we’ve always dreamed of.

Engineering Principles

We decided to do things right from the get go, start slow, so we can move fast later. We documented our engineering principles and progressed through:
  • Building ‘everything-as-code’ for high velocity infrastructure
  • Building & solving for ourselves - we want feel real value from the product we’re building before we ask other developer teams to use it
  • We believe in human potential and invest heavily in onboarding & growing developers into the most modern tech stack

Our Values

We are authentic and designed our company values to represent who we are and who we aspire to be:
  • Core Values: fairness, trustworthiness, equality, modesty
  • Extended values: winning attitude, empowerment, determination, ‘fall/rise fast’, openness & communication, always be growing


We are constantly looking for great people. Join our Eng. and Product stellar team!

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