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Simplifying continuous security-
so developers can build secure cloud apps by design from day 0

JIT is the platform that allows dev organizations to adopt the MVS mindset and progress iteratively in a just-in-time manner 

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Born-Left Security: It’s Time for Dev to Own Product Security

The world has reached a tipping point. The traditional outside-in approach to security has hit a wall and 30 Million developers don’t have easy access to the knowledge and tools needed to secure the 2 billion apps they build. 

Unmanaged technical security debt is no longer an option. It's time for developers to own risk and compliance for the apps they are building. They need to build-in security at the speed of code and across ALL aspects of creating, building, deploying and running applications in the cloud.

Jit- Product security

Our Motivation: Increase Dev Velocity with Continuous Security

We empower developers to easily own risk and security for the cloud apps they build. We help align security and development principles, so developers can fully own the security of their product without slowing down the dev process.

We’re building JIT to be the platform that allows dev organizations to adopt the MVS mindset and progress easily in a just-in time manner. We focus on building a super simple and extremely concise experience that makes owning security easy and effortless.

Jit- Product security

Our End Goal: To MVS... and beyond!

We are developers who want to make the world a better place, by ensuring the core building blocks of our society and economy - the web and cloud apps - are secured by design. 

As developers, we've always felt the friction in embedding security into the cloud apps we build. We decided to change the status-quo and make it super easy for us and other developers to implement continuous security from day 0 - creating a world where every new software project in the cloud is born with Minimal Viable Security (MVS) embedded and iteratively improves with Continuous Security. 

Our Leadership Team

Aviram Shmueli
Co-Founder, Chief Research and Innovation Officer
David Melamed, PhD
CTO and Co-Founder
Shai Horovitz
Ilanit Nitzan
VP of Sales, EMEA
Rob DiNuzzo
VP of Marketing
Orit Golowinski
VP of Product
Daniel Koch
VP of Engineering
VP of Security
Michal Lipschitz
VP of Operations
Gil Zimmermann
Director and Co-Founder
Tsahy Shapsa
Director and Co-Founder
Ron Zalkind
Director and Co-Founder
JIT- product security

Our Investors

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JIT- product security
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