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Jit now supports GitLab! Learn how to implement automated code security across your projects in minutes.

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How ShopMonkey Built Security into their Engineering Culture

Why our customers love US

Dudu Yosef
Dudu Yosef
Director of Security at LinearB
“With Jit, we no longer need to understand and manage a lot of disparate tools––and this is huge! Getting it all in one console is a game changer.”
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis
Director of Cybersecurity and IT at HouseRX
“It feels like I have a small team of security engineers who are doing the work for me automatically — just by having this platform.”
Jeff Haynie
Jeff Haynie
CTO of ShopMonkey
“Jit provides continuous security by enabling my team to find and fix vulnerabilities in-PRs without slowing them down or expecting them to be security experts”
Bar Maoist
Bar Maoist
DevOps Manager at Juno Journey
“The onboarding to Jit was seamless,  all I had to do was give the required permissions, and we immediately had full security coverage.”
Max Gorelik
Max Gorelik
CTO at LoudNClear
“The ability to automate so much of the frustrating Application Security part of SOC2 after having done it manually before, was such an immense time saver a relief.”
Elad Elouz
Elad Elouz
CISO of PayEm
“Jit's integrated with the GitHub system and effectively improve the developer's experience with handling security code issues, and speed up development cycles.”
“I really like the overall concept and strategy for the product: Git driven security. It allows our team to catch issues before they can happen at the product level.”
Jeff H.
CTO at ShopMonkey
“One-stop-shop for all scanners"
Verified User in Computer Software
“Implemented very easily, no backlash from the dev team”
Verified User in Financial Services
“The UI is by far my favorite across other security tools I've seen. It's hiding a lot of powerful features behind a simple interface.”
Verified User in Insurance
“Jit's blend of automated security scans, gamified team monitoring, and the flexibility to integrate tailored security tools has seamlessly woven security into our development lifecycle”
Jordan V.
"Peace of mind with strong shift left security program"
Verified User in IT Services
“It meets my needs better than competitive solutions we've tried. The team and support are amazing.”
Jamey H
“Quick integration, provides an almost perfect solution for all the scanning tools available in the market.”
Rotem S.
“Easy implementation from the DevOps side, smooth experience from developers side.”
Verified User in Financial Services
“Enforcing standards throughout the development cycle simplifies fixes and enhances security.”
Avi Z.
Jit makes security  simple & elegant!
Andrew K.
Jit's integrated with the GitHub system and effectively improves the developer's experience with handling security code issues, and speeds up development cycles.
Elad E
Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)
Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)
Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
Secure Code
Secure Code

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