What's New in Our Latest Jit Version

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Updated March 5, 2024.

what's new in the latest jit version?

The latest Jit version HAS DROPPED and it's more cloud native than EVER!

We are excited to announce some pretty exciting features dropping in our latest release with a strong focus on multi-cloud, Kubernetes and deepening our support for a diversity of languages and ecosystems.  We have extended some of our core OSS tools capabilities, and have even added some bells and whistles through a powerful new page in our dashboard - the Impact Page (that will literally give you a bird’s eye view of the blast radius of potential risks).

Cloudy with a Chance of Security

This last version ships with Prowler 3.0, providing more extensive support for AWS and new support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), as well as Azure Cloud. This not only provides support for new clients using Google and Microsoft clouds, but also added capabilities for existing clients with multi-cloud operations with significantly improved checks at 30X the performance and speed.. 

The extended cloud native support doesn't stop there... We are extremely excited to unveil static scanning for Kubernetes configuration files, through Kubescape (read more about the Kubescape + Jit integration), and we expect to expand and deepen this integration in our next versions to provide extensive K8s coverage and auto-remediation capabilities. 

Our cloud native Infrastructure as Code capabilities have also been extended through greater Pulumi support through KICS which you can use for any cloud config. 

GitOps Galore

Our cloud native support wouldn't be complete without greater repository security. In this version we have also integrated Legitify to help combat misconfigurations in GitHub repos, and provide greater end-to-end CI/CD security.

All of this new governance and increased security control can be tracked through numerous ticket management systems with support for Jira, Shortcut and Linear now available. 

More Programming Languages & Ecosystems

Android developers unite! Now available is Kotlin support with community & AI curated scanning rules and controls added to Semgrep. 

These 9 critical rules focus on encryption quality and standards (MD5, SHA, RSA, ECB), authentication, and OWASP Top 10 detections such as SQL Injections, XSS, and insecure configurations. This is the most reliable out of the box Kotlin security scanning support available today, battle tested by the Jit security research team.

But it doesn't stop there… there's also additional great news for the Microsoft ecosystem  and community. Jit now includes static scanning support for the C# programming language, that also underwent a battery of security research to ensure robust coverage and minimize noise through false positives.  Our app is also now available on the VSCode and Github marketplaces for quick installation and access inside the tools you already know and love.

Get Started! 

There’s plenty more exciting stuff on the roadmap - including some 🔥new AI-powered capabilities, so stay tuned.

If you are already a Jit user, then feel free to give these new features a roll they are officially available.

If you haven't yet, tried Jit - now's the time to get started, we've got you covered.