FullStack eXchange 2022

Jit- product security for busy developers- Location
Leonardo Royal Hotel St Paul's, London
Jit- product security for busy developers- Date
July 27, 2022
July 28, 2022
Clock- time
Gabriel Manor - Liechtman, Technical leader at Jit
Our speaker:
Gabriel Manor - Liechtman, Technical leader at Jit
FullStack eXchange 2022

Our talk: Squash All the Performance Bugs: Browser Dev-Tools Your Secret Silver Bullet

UI performance bugs are probably the most frustrating for both application users and developers. For application users they are just a bad experience that can lead users to abandon your product. For developers they are the hardest bugs to detect and ultimately debug––because they're basically impossible to find by just reading the code or running a typical debugger, and don't have any simple workarounds like others.

One of the less glamorous but incredibly useful tools to help catch and squash those elusive bugs before they reach your end user, is the browser dev-tools performance stack, which includes the Networking, Memory, Rendering, Code Bugs, and CPU. This talk will walk through some of the most common pitfalls in UI performance, and some good practices to help you avoid them. You can quickly reproduce these performance issues by calling the DOM and your app directly from the browser console, and running stress tests. Through code examples and a demo, you'll be able to learn some of the best kept secrets, tips and tricks for optimizing and debugging your UI performance for your fullstack apps.

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