HashiTalks: Israel

Jit- product security for busy developers- Location
Online - Virtual
Jit- product security for busy developers- Date
May 26, 2022
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Daniel Koch - VP engineering
Our speaker:
Daniel Koch - VP engineering
HashiTalks: Israel

Our talk: Bootstrapping a secure AWS environment? Terraform to the Rescue!

It's been 20 years since EC2 landed, and we've learned quite a bit about managing cloud operations at scale over these years. One area that remains a real pain point is securing AWS environments (a lot of moving parts and controls to think about), this is particularly acute in the world of fast-paced engineering today.This talk will give an overview of how to secure AWS architecture through code, leveraging Terraform for automation, or your IaC of choice. This will take a look at good security practices for managing your AWS organization - from the dedicated accounts per user, switching roles for additional access, enforcing MFA, segregation of different account types - dev vs. staging vs. prod, as well as SCP policies. In addition we will review best practices for working locally and deploying code changes to your SCM (with a Github example) without compromising your AWS keypairs, and all this with an everything-as-code approach built with Terraform.

Instantly achieve continuous product security, from day 0