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Automated product security for Github Marketplace apps

Automate Github marketplace security best practices, protect your customers data and never regress

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Automated product security for Github Marketplace apps

#Codified MVS <“Minimal Viable Security”> plan for GitHub Marketplace apps

From manual security checklist to product security automation, Jit implements a declarative security plan as code, then orchestrates technical & process controls of your product security stack

Full stack product security

From security operations to Code, cloud, dev, runtime - all covered according to the GitHub marketplace security best practices

Unified Orchestration Framework

Automatic orchestration of security tools and workflows, as per the declarative MVS plan, for your complete tech stack: Source Code, IaC and Pipeline. The Orchestration Framework's plug-in architecture unifies the execution and interfaces of any security control, enabling a much simpler and consistent developer experience. 

Continuous  Security For GitHub Marketplace Apps

Automate the Github marketplace security checklist, streamline the security review and continuously monitor your security plan to ensure your product and customer's data remain secured.

We Work the Way you Work

Developer environment: Keep your developers working inline in their native environment and workflows: GitHub & Slack

Security tools: We curated and integrated the best security tools for your MVS plans. so you don't have to do it: Bandit, etc.

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Integrate Jit seamlessly with your entire security stack
Integrate Jit seamlessly with your entire security stack
Integrate Jit seamlessly with your entire security stackAutomated product security for Github Marketplace apps- arrow

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Don't just take our word for it - here is what developers are saying

“I love the product! With Jit implementing product security is made super easy for the Dev team.“

Co-Founder & CTO , acting CISO
@ Automotive Security Startup
>100 employees

“I love the notion of Jit providing as-code security plans which are minimal and viable. The fact that Jit also automates the selection of relevant security tools and unifies the experience around them is super valuable.”

Director of Engineering & CISO
@ SaaS platform
60 employees

“Very easy to onboard with this tool, You get a lot of points for the user experience. I like that the plan configuration corresponds to the code representation - very transparent”

Head of DevOps
@ SaaS startup
120 employees

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