Code security built for iterative software development

As developers merge and deploy code, Jit’s change-based scanning provides immediate feedback on the security of every change, entirely within the dev environment.
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Security Testing
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Secure Code
Secure Code

An all-in-one platform for code and cloud security

Security coverage gaps?
Jit unifies the entire code-to-cloud security toolchain.
Tool Sprawl Driving Costs Up?
Jit provides a flat rate for all security controls.
Complex integrations?
Integrate Jit across your repos in minutes.
Your Own Plan
Minimum Viable Security Plan
CI/CD Security Plan
Cloud Security Plan
Application Security Plan
Secrets Detection
K8s Config Security
IaC Security
GitHub Security
Open Source License check
DAST - App security
DAST - API Security

A developer-native UX for security

Jit’s unique change-based scanning within the PR or IDE provides immediate feedback on the security of every code change, making it easier to resolve issues as developers code.
No more context switching
No more vulnerability backlogs
No more slow scans

Make many code and cloud security scanners feel like one

A unified user experience for SAST, SCA, secrets detection, OSS license detection, SBOM, container scanning, IaC scanning, CSPM, and DAST.
Make security easier for your developers
Get Started in Minutes

Full security coverage in three 
simple steps:

Step 1

Connect Jit with your repos

Install the Jit Github app to connect Jit to your desired repos in minutes. New repos are covered by Jit as they’re created.
Step 2

Activate a Security Plan

Choose the best Security Plan for your use case. Activating a Security Plan will automatically scan all of your repos.
Step 3

Begin continuous scanning

As developers add to repos, Jit will automatically analyze each code change for security issues.

Achieve Security and compliance objectives faster

Our customers, from startups to Fortune 100 giants, trust Jit to protect their most valuable assets.
״Jit provides continuous security by enabling my team to find and fix vulnerabilities in-PRs without slowing them down or expecting them to be security experts״
Jeff Haynie

Jeff Haynie

CTO at ShopMonkey

With Jit, we no longer need to understand and manage a lot of disparate tools––and this is huge! Getting it all in one console is a game changer
Dudu Yosef

Dudu Yosef

Director of Security at LinearB

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