The easiest way for developers to to secure  code in GitLab

Full integrated, no backlogs
Developers never leave GitLab for automated feedback on the security of every code change
An all-in-one platform
Including SAST, SCA, secrets detection, IaC security, CSPM, DAST, container security, & more
Prioritize top risks, weed out the noise
Automatically prioritize each security finding according to runtime context
Dudu Yosef
“With Context Engine, we can focus our time on the alerts that matter. It automatically prioritizes vulnerabilities based on factors like location and exploitability, which has given us a lot of trust in Jit alerts.”
Dudu Yosef
Director of Security

What to know about getting started

Try it for free
Get in contact with us and we’ll open Context Engine for your Jit account.
Low learning curve
Developers receive automated feedback on their code with remediation guidance.
Fast onboarding
Enable one-click activation for security scanners by integrating Jit with GitLab.
Supports all major languages
Including Java, Javascript, Python, Go, Scala, Ruby, Swift, Rust, C, C+, & more.

Learn how the GitLab integration works

Dive deeper into how Jit integrates with GitLab to provide automated feedback on the security of every code change.
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Here's how to get started:

Get started free
Step 1

Connect Jit with your projects

Install the Jit app on GitLab to connect Jit with selected projects in minutes. If needed, tell Jit to automatically cover new projects as they’re created.
Step 2

Activate product security tools

Choose a Security Plan to activate SAST, SCA, secrets detection, SBOM, IaC scanning, SBOM, DAST, and more. This will automatically scan all selected repos.
Step 3

Begin continuous scanning

As developers create new merge requests and deploy new code, Jit will automatically trigger security scans to provide feedback on each code change.
Get started free

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