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Gamified security tracking per team

Jit tracks the progress of your Security Plans and critical DevSecOps metrics like MTTR and open vulnerabilities per team.

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The best thing about Jit is that it is continuous - you’re constantly being monitored. Especially with security being very daunting, you feel you need to constantly worry that everything is secure. So Jit makes security a lot less scary.
Max Gorelik
CTO and Co-Founder
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Monitor the progress of your security plans

Security Plans implement toolchains tailored to  specific use cases — progress towards plan completion can be monitored over time.

Watch your Security Plans approach 100% completion as Jit automatically implements the required controls to complete them.

Security controls contribute to multiple plans at a time, which can be monitored together.

Centralized reporting, tracking, and alerting for unresolved vulnerabilities, per team

Jit provides a high level overview of unresolved vulnerabilities across every team.

Dive deeper to view unresolved vulnerabilities per repo, per merged PR, per deployment, or per security control (i.e. IaC misconfigurations).

Configure alerts to Slack or other channels when unresolved vulnerabilities are pushed through the SDLC.

Monitor DevSecOps performance and security posture per team

Monitor security posture with total unresolved vulnerabilities, repo coverage , and number of security controls implemented by Jit.

Measure DevSecOps progress metrics, like MTTR, exposure window, pre production fixes, money saved from fixing issues early, and others.

Boost developer security awareness by sharing progress across teams to inspire a proactive security engineering culture.

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