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Jit now supports GitLab! Learn how to implement automated code security across your projects in minutes.

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The ultimate security experience for developers

Jit’s unique in-PR experience enables developers to fix vulnerabilities faster than ever.
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Jeff Haynie
“Jit provides continuous security by enabling my team to find and fix vulnerabilities in-PRs without slowing them down or expecting them to be security experts.”
Jeff Haynie
CTO at ShopMonkey

Code security built for iterative software development

Security scanning and remediation is delivered entirely within the GitHub, GitLab, or the IDE, so developers never leave their environment.
Change-based scanning only surfaces issues caused by newly introduced code, so developers are never overwhelmed by vulnerability backlogs.

Only surface vulnerabilities that really matter

Jit's Context Engine automatically prioritizes issues based on their runtime context, like their location and reachability.
Narrow original findings to the the 3-6% of issues that are exploitable in production.
Surface injections, insecure functions, hardcoded secrets, known issues in open source, IaC and cloud runtime misconfigurations, and more.

Fix issues quickly with auto remediation and detailed guidance

After surfacing vulnerabilities, Jit provides thorough remediation guidance and code fixes for common vulnerabilities within GitHub, GitLab, or the IDE.
Developers can choose to commit Jit’s code fix, make their own fix, ignore a false positive, or accept the risk of a vulnerability.
Configure branch protection to prevent vulnerabilities from being merged with your codebase.
Enable continuous security advice and remediation code
Implement Security Plans tailored to developer security gaps and priorities

Implement Security Plans tailored to developer security gaps and priorities

Enable a culture of shared responsibility for product security with Security Plans that align roles, responsibilities, and toolsets around an objective.
Security Plans orchestrate a security toolchain that aligns with specific goals, like gaining SOC2 compliance or achieving Minimal Viable Security.

Instantly achieve continuous product security, from day 0

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