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Need OWASP ZAP? No sweat. OWASP ZAP Out of the Box with Jit.

We ship OWASP ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy) pre-baked into our stack, along with the best-of-breed cloud native OSS Security Tools developers love

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Why ZAP?

ZAP is the world's most widely used web app scanner and is a part of OWASP  - the foremost security engineering community. ZAP was built by security engineers for developers, to be easily integrated into developer workflows using automation. ZAP gives you the attacker view of your application - these are the vulnerabilities the bad guys will be able to find very easily.

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What is Jit?

Jit makes it ridiculously simple for engineering teams to add continuous security (CS) to their CI/CD. Jit orchestrates & plugs in the most popular and best-of-breed OSS cloud-native security tools for your entire stack. From the code to the cloud, CI/CD, APIs, imports, and more.

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How it works

To setup ZAP on Jit, activate the Runtime Security items in the "My Plan" page:

Setting up ZAP via Jit's platform:

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Say What?! Are you still...

Researching your own tools?

Integrating and configuring them manually?

Wiring them into your CI/CD?

Getting output in siloed dashboards?

Unify and automate your DevSecOps with Jit.

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