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Updated March 5, 2024.

a star on top of a podium with the words, and the award goes to

And the Oscar goes to...Jit! 🏆

We are three months into the year, and already our incredible Jit team have managed to win FOUR awards! 

We're Proud to Announce Our Latest Awards in Cybersecurity!

Pictured: Not our Jit team. Same vibe. 

These awards recognize our commitment to providing a platform that helps developers align security and development principles while still enabling them to fully own the security of their product. 

Let's break them down, shall we? 

Globee Award for Best DevSecOps

At the 19th Annual 2023 Globee Cybersecurity Awards…

Jit won the Gold Globee Award for Best DevSecOps! 

With this award, Jit is being recognized for:

  • Our innovative approach to DevSecOps 

We are thrilled to see the recognition of Jit's efforts in promoting cybersecurity excellence and providing engineering organizations with a powerful, secure, and efficient DevSecOps platform! 

Pictured: Also not Jit. 

Next up… 

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

The 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards program is highly competitive, with over 800 nominees. We're incredibly proud that we were honored to win three awards at the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. This award is granted to companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in the field of information security.

Here's what we took home: 

  1. In the category of: Cybersecurity Company, Jit won Gold for Best Cybersecurity Startup 
  1. In the category of best Cybersecurity Product/Service, Jit won Gold for the best DevSecOps 
  1. Also, in the category of best Cybersecurity Product/Service, Jit won Gold for the best Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR)

We're being recognized for: 

  • Our innovative DevSecOps platform that allows engineering teams to build secure applications and products with ease.
  • Our Minimum Viable Security (MVS) approach.
  • Our "fix-first"approach (stepping away from the security world's "issue-driven" mindset). 

And because we stand out for being: 

  • The first open, extensible, and pluggable DevSecOps Orchestration platform to provide an end-to-end centralized platform for commercial, open source, and homegrown tooling in one place. 
  • The first platform to provide end-to-end security coverage for every single layer of a product’s stack – application code, infrastructure & runtime, CI/CD, third-party tooling, and API integrations.

And before we wrap up, it's worth acknowledging a few more significant achievements! 

Jit was recently designated as a 🔥"Hot Vendor", in the HFS OneOffice Hot Vendor list because of its distinguished approach to DevSecOps practice and developer experience.  

Jit was also picked to be on an exclusive list as one of the "Best Secure software development solutions" by Cybernews, and we couldn't agree more! 

Our Co-CEO, Tsahy Shapsa, said it perfectly: 

"As a Co-CEO, I am extremely proud of the incredible Jit team for their achievements. They deserve recognition for their outstanding commitment and dedication to making the digital world a safer space for all. I have seen their tireless dedication and perseverance in continuously providing solutions. This recognition is well deserved and is a testament to their hard work and innovation. Congratulations to you all & keep up the amazing work!" 

To our hardworking team, Mazal tov! Well deserved, and well done!