Jit is now part of the AWS ISV Accelerate Program

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By David Melamed

Updated February 28, 2024.

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Hot on the heels of passing our AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) and listing on the AWS Marketplace in record time, Jit is excited to announce that we are now officially in the ISV Accelerate Program as well - a co-sell program for AWS Partners that provides better customer outcomes and assures mutual commitment from AWS and Jit. As a long-standing partner and user of AWS, deepening our support and compliance with security and business acceleration programs has been an important goal for our team.

For Jit, being built completely on serverless architecture, it was clear from the get-go that AWS would be a strategic partner both technically and from a business perspective. Not only did Jit get started with FTR quite rapidly, our relationship with AWS became a core focus for us in order to make it possible for other businesses looking to unlock the business and co-sell opportunities from the vast AWS ecosystem to do so as well.

This is why Jit has codified the FTR process into a simple playbook, the Jit FTR plan, which has made it possible for any organization to pass their FTR by implementing strong cloud security practices through out of the box Jit controls.

Jit FTR Plan

Once FTR is achieved, it is then possible to expand your AWS market opportunity through additional co-sell support and benefits, including the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, which includes:

  • Close collaboration with field sales globally, with the goal of establishing mutual commitment between AWS and its partners.
  • Providing ISVA vendors with access to a large number of active AWS customers with mutual interests and business potential.
  • Joining well-known and well-established technology vendors such as Databricks, Freshworks, and Auth0––top-tier enterprise software businesses, to deepen partnerships and ecosystem-wide collaboration.

With a continuously evolving DevSecOps landscape, Jit is excited to unlock this opportunity in the AWS ecosystem as well as provide our own customers the enablement to achieve much more rapid ISV Accelerate Program inclusion through a “golden path” of FTR approval.

Our team is on the ground at AWS re:Invent 2023 to demonstrate firsthand how Jit accelerates AWS partnership opportunities, and we’d love to meet you there. Learn how Jit can help you align your Product Security with your business needs and how to quickly automate a complete and in-depth review of your AWS architecture and operational practices by simply enabling the Jit AWS FTR plan.

All of this comes following our previous post as we got ramped up for AWS re:Inforce and the AWS regional summits. So ICYMI, check out some of our other AWS content, talks, and tools. Read more about Jit in the AWS Community, or check them out here:

Looking forward to seeing you at re:Invent, so schedule a meeting and come pick up some awesome swag!

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