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Updated March 5, 2024.

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Jit is extremely excited to be taking a meaningful part in the AWS Community in the coming weeks, and we’d love to meet, network and learn from AWS users so that we can provide the most robust AWS security possible!

We have a bunch of stuff we’ve been working on and will be participating in, so join us in getting excited about what’s coming next in AWS from Jit––check out the roundup below.

ICYMI Our AWS Content In the Wild and On Our Blog

As a company built on Serverless and event-driven architecture we’ve had the opportunity to deepen our AWS engineering skills and share from our experience.  In addition, as a cloud-native security company we are helping companies gain greater foundational AWS-security knowledge through posts we’ve written and talks we’ve given.

You can check out our recent AWS-related content below and follow us on and Twitter to get real time updates:

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DynamoDB Data Transformation Safety: from Manual Toil to Automated and Open Source, Guy Braunstein

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Serverless Doesn’t Mean DevOpsLess or NoOps, Shlomi Kushchi logo👉follow us)

AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity WHAT?! Solving the Github to AWS OIDC InvalidIdentityToken Failure Loop, Ariel Beck

Bootstrapping a Secure AWS as-Code Environment - Your MVS Checklist, David Melamed

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Jit Blog

How to use AWS Secrets Manager in the CLI [With Examples], Shlomi Kushchi

8 Best Practices When Using AWS Security Groups, Shlomi Kushchi

The DevOps Guide to AWS Security Tools, Shlomi Kushchi

We also have more goodness in the works, stay tuned for how we built our metrics and analytics framework with Serverless Lego principles (to be published soon in InfoQ), and a good overview of how to use AWS-Vault (follow our for more AWS content).

Jit Team in the AWS Community

We will be heading to and speaking at a bunch of AWS events in the coming weeks and we would love to meet folks on the ground, catch our team at:

AWS Summit TLV | May 31st | Expo TLV - the Jit team will be on the ground strong as sponsors of the event, so come say hi, watch a demo and grab some EPIC swag

Serverless Nights Meetup TLV | June 1st | ToHa TLV @ LinearB - as a post-AWS Summit celebration we will also be speaking at this meetup and talking about the analytics framework and architecture we built with serverless.  Meet Jonathan Rosenboim and other folks from the Jit team and learn how you can build and secure your AWS architecture

AWS Summit London | June 7th | ExCeL, London - meet our very own CTO and co-Founder David Melamed, as he speaks about how to Defend Your Serverless Architecture Against the OWASP Top 10 alongside none other than the awesome Boaz Ziniman.

AWS Re:Inforce | June 14th | Anaheim Convention Center - we wouldn’t miss the foremost AWS Security conf on the planet.  Visit our booth and meet the team, and learn about how we are making the lives of AWSOps teams easier through one-click easy security.

DevSecCon24 | June 27th | Online - don’t miss TWO excellent talks from the Jit team at DevSecCon24, one about open source security tools all devs should know about, and the other about Serverless Security for the AWS enthusiasts.

AWS Community DACH Day | September 14th | Munich - our very own Raz Probstein will be speaking about Serverless Security best practices at this event, so make sure to connect with her if you want to learn more.

If you’re interested in meeting our team who will be on the ground feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn | Meet: Raz, David, Shahar, and Chris.

OSS + Jit + AWS 

Jit has been working hard behind the scenes to deepen our AWS security and support.  In our last version (see post here) we have upgraded the Prowler version supported, which now extends the AWS support and adds Azure and GCP for you multi-cloud users!

We are also partnering more closely with AWS through their partner network, and expect to have much more in-AWS community native support through the marketplace and other easy access in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

Last but not least, as part of our open source work and journey we have created and open sourced a data migration and transformation tool for DynamoDB, for our fellow production Serverless users. 

Check out Dynamo Data Transform (and read about it).


By expanding AWS support in our security plans, it is now possible to quickly get started with securing your AWS-based product stacks end-to-end. These plans come with continuous security baked in from the first line of code through to deployment, and even post-deployment alerts for zero-days and other CVEs that arise, so you are constantly covered.

If you want to learn more about how to secure your AWS environments from bootstrap to production, and would like to schedule a demo––you can reach out here.