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Jit makes 10 code and cloud security scanners feel like one.
Fully integrated into the
developer environment
One-click activation across tools
Integrate Jit with your SCM to start scanning code in minutes
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Easy for developers to adopt
Automated scanning and feedback within the developer environment
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Full coverage and flexibility
Add tools as requirements change - all included at a flat rate per dev
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Support for all common languages
Javascript, Python, Terraform, Java, Go, C#, Ruby, and many more
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Jeff Haynie

Jeff Haynie

CTO at ShopMonkey

״Jit provides continuous security by enabling my team to find and fix vulnerabilities in-PRs without slowing them down or expecting them to be security experts״

Dudu Yosef

Dudu Yosef

Director of Security at LinearB

With Jit, we no longer need to understand and manage a lot of disparate tools––and this is huge! Getting it all in one console is a game changer

Bar Maoist

Bar Maiost

DevOps Lead JunoJourney

״The onboarding to Jit was seamless––all I had to do was give the required permissions, and we immediately had full security coverage. It was the easiest system I have onboarded to, everything just happened automagically״

Joshua Willis

Joshua Willis

Director of Cybersecurity and IT at HouseRX

״It feels like I have a small team of security engineers who are doing the work for me, automatically––just by having this platform״

Max Gorelik

Max Gorelik

CTO and Co-Founder at LoudNClear

״It’s like Jit is made for dummies (in a good way!). You don’t need to maintain it, nor configure it all the time and have to control the controls. That’s really convenient - and the people are just amazing - that’s a bonus״

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Secure Code
Secure Code

Accelerate your path to compliance

  • Support for common standards: SOC2, NIST frameworks, CIS Benchmarks, OWASP guidelines, PCI, HIPAA, and more
  • Reporting: demonstrate compliance with reporting that can be exported for auditors

  • Policy enforcement: Set guardrails for developers that enable them to build systems in compliance with regulations and standards
Learn about Jit’s Security Plans for compliance >
Includes the DAST and vulnerability management requirements to fulfill OWASP ASVS.
Includes IaC scanning, CSPM, secrets detection, and vulnerability management requirements for AWS FTR.
SOC2 Plan
Will include the required x capabilities for SOC 2 compliance.
OWASP Top 10 Plan
Will include the security controls needed to surface the most recent OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.
CIS Benchmark Plan
Coming soon! Will include the security controls needed to score well for the CIS Benchmark.

Monitor, benchmark, and improve security posture per team

  • Jit Teams:  Development Team Leads get a purpose-built view of their team’s performance - view the top teams on Jit’s leaderboard

  • Centralized reporting: roll up unresolved vulnerabilities across apps, repos, and teams
  • DevSecOps metrics: monitor MTTR, exposure window, resolved issues pre-production, and other metrics
Learn  about security monitoring with Jit

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